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Orba firmware 0.14.11 and Orba app 0.14.28 are available

Download version 0.14.28 of the app:
macOS | Windows | iOS | Android


Firmware 0.14.11 now available
A new firmware update is available. This updates enables many of the following features and improves Orba's stability. To update Orba's firmware, please connect to Mac or Windows computer using a USB cable, open the Orba app, available here:

and click on the cloud symbol next to "firmware update" in the settings.

iOS 14.3 and Bluetooth
Apple's release of iOS 14.3 fixes an issue with Bluetooth connections affecting devices running iOS 14.2. Be sure to update to the current version of iOS to ensure Bluetooth stability.

macOS 11 Big Sur firmware updates are fixed

Orba app 0.14.28 and firmware 0.14.11 fix previous firmware updating issues.


USB for Android Devices
As we move forward with developing the Orba Beta Android app, we've enabled the use of USB-C cables to connect to your device. You can still connect via Bluetooth to your Android device, but we wanted to provide a more stable, cabled connection as well. To connect via USB, scroll down to the bottom of the settings menu to "Orba Connection" and select USB.

Bluetooth on macOS
We have now re-enabled the Bluetooth connection to the Orba app on Mac computers. To connect to Mac, click the Orba icon in the upper right corner of the app. Happy wireless playing!

And More!

• New toggle in the Settings menu for macOS and Windows to select USB or Bluetooth LE MIDI connection

• New “Mobile Midi Mode” toggle to allow USB MIDI compatibility with Android. This mode shows only one MIDI input port for Orba instead of separate ports for Drum, Bass, Chord, and Lead. Requires firmware 0.14.11

• Ability to dismiss the “Firmware Update Required” pop-up

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With my late 2013 Mac running Mojave, I have found that finally it works great as a midi controller in Ableton. I prefer to load my own sounds and all I have to do is turn the volume all the way down on the device to only hear my Ableton sounds, without worrying about doing that in the app. It is the first time I have been able to use a bluetooth controller in a performance. It is very exciting, keep up the work.

Well, good to read that someone is happy after all. Unfortunately, that is of no use to anyone else.

@fpcm - I have been involved with many beta projects before.  My point is that I didn’t sign up for a beta project to test out a product.  I thought I was purchasing a finished product.  I also fully understand that any new product will have its bugs, and updates will be common.  But an experience where the basic functions of the product are not developed is a problem.  I’m glad to help, but I don’t see a robust feedback and notification system for those of us who would be willing to help in development testing.  

So Arne, there are some of us who may be willing to help with development testing.  The marketing of this product needs to state “software in development”. I’m sorry but I do not feel your company should be delivering on this product at this time until your software can deliver the basic functions.  I’m willing to help test, but I would need to hear more from developers and have a better feedback and communication protocol. 

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If you like to take part in the closed beta test program, please send and email to and we can sign you up.

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Sorry, as far as I am concerned, this is not the time to resolve the criticism with a spot on the beta team.

Optimism is beautiful, but it has its limits when it turns into deception. Offering the Orba without clear reservations about its shortcomings was and is not OK.

Make a short-term commitment to resolve the basic issues. Or let others give it a try.

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I have just tried installing 14.28 & 14.30 on Windows 10 and I am back to a blank black window when opening the app.  This is what was happening with an older version, then it was corrected, now it is back.

When will this be resolved?  I can't use the app or update my firmware.

I have had nothing but problems with my Orba software. I can not get a reliable connection via USB or Bluetooth in either Windows or iOS. I am unable to change sounds, or key, and cannot see my firmware version in any app or update it. I’ve been through all the same troubleshooting steps to fix it... and the blanket ‘update your iOS’ response is pretty tiring at this point. Especially considering how prevalent the problem is on all platforms. Open communication on the current development schedules, or known active bugs would be awesome. Having a working device that functions as it was described would be even better.

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Could you contact ? With up to date firmware and any iOS version that isn’t 0.14.2 this shouldn’t be an issue. The support team can help you to get back up and running.

Although my Orba works with its own sounds I cannot for the life of me get the Bluetooth to work either with iOS apps or anything this has been a waste of $100 in the midst of a pandemic it’s nothing but a paperweight in my studio please address this otherwise I feel rather deceived In purchasing a product that obviously is not ready for prime time, I’m only really thankful I did not purchase this as a gift for somebody I would’ve been mortified

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Hey Robert, I'm sorry the app is giving you pairing issues. Please open up a support ticket with us and we'll be happy to get you up and running as soon as possible. Our tech support will be on the lookout for your email.

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