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Orba Improvements- firmware 0.14.15 is available

Firmware 0.14.15 is now available
A new firmware update is available. This update enables many of the following features and improves Orba's stability. To update Orba's firmware, please connect to Mac or Windows computer using a USB cable, open the Orba app, available here:

and click on the cloud symbol next to "firmware update" in the settings.

Orba Improvements

  • Bluetooth has been improved and now works on Android. 

  • We fixed a bug where disabling Orba sounds could cause a crash.

  • We fixed an issue where channel pressure was not being sent over Bluetooth.

  • Sometimes turning off Orba sounds, at the same time that notes were being played, could cause stuck notes. We fixed this.

  • Sometimes when notes crossed the loop boundary and you exited overdub mode, Orba would crash. We fixed this, too.

  • We fixed a bug where pitch bend and aftertouch, when recorded as global CCs, could cause a crash.

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Updated to firmware  0.14.15 with Win 10 App 0.14.6.

Bluetooth on Android works for me (Xiaomi Mi A3 / Android 11). It seems stable now. Can even switch presets.

Thanks! I didn't realise  "... turning off Orba sounds, at the same time that notes were being played, could cause stuck notes. ..." was a bug, but sure it did happen sometimes, nevertheless thanks for solving!

So far I haven't experienced any bugs, of course I've installed the new update! Thank you! :)

Thanks for the update. My granddaughter found a way to lock mine up and it was hard to get it fixed but it’s working great now. 

I’ve just updated my Orba to the latest firmware and it has wiped the song that I made and was keeping until the save function came back! I am not very happy...

Updated to firmware  0.14.15

Bluetooth on Android works for me on my Redmi note 8 pro / Android 11. It seems stable now. 

Good work

Can you offer the APK of the Android App of Orba? I have no access to Google Service in China.

Thanks, could you contact about the apk? It shouldn’t be a problem but I’ll have to check with our development team.

the 8 button still doesn’t work in drum mode

Hey @Alexander, I just responded to your other comment about this in the "pad 8" thread. You can jump to that thread here. If you're still having issues with pad 8, go ahead and drop us a support ticket so we can dive deeper into this for you.

 Connected to PC app and it shows that version of FW on my newly arrived Orba is already 0.14.15, so I think that use latest FW. But I had a problems with Android app. My Orba was sent a month ago, and FW release date only 5 days ago, it is impossible for this version to be in Orba from factory.

So I pressed "Shift+update icon" on Windows app, firmware was uploaded into Orba and problems with Android vanished!

Conclusion: there is some bug in the Windows App, which cannot detect real FW version and does not allow to update.

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