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Introducing Scan Band by Artiphon!

We’re jazzed to share something new with you today. Premiering exclusively on Snapchat, we're proud to present Scan Band: our first augmented reality (AR) music app. It's a first-of-it's kind experience that transforms everyday objects into playful, playable musical instruments 

You can scan an orange and play it like a guitar. Punch a flower that sounds like a synth. Set a bunch of banana drums on the floor for your friend to trip on. Or just add a splash of notes while out for a walk. Scan Band isn't about traditional music-making, it's about creating musical videos throughout the moments of your day. 


Follow this link or:

Open Snapchat and point your camera at the Snapcode above. Press and hold to scan, and the lens will pop up in your lens carousel. 

For more information on how to download and use Scan Band, check out our website:

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