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Future update road map?

Hey Artiphon,

I just got my Orba, and while late to the party am really excited about the potential and having a blast.  

I was just curious if you all could share what new updates you have in store because there are a few things that I am finding I really want. I know how software dev goes but I was hoping you could give a rough idea that there is more coming and you all will continue to support the product with new feature releases. 

I have seen these mentioned in your live streams but my list is as follows:
1. Quantize!!!!11!1! - either on device/or in-app. Both would be great but I'd settle for either. Honestly, this is number 1 by far. 
2. Fixing the sound stutter when switching modes (or doing anything) on playback. This one is frustrating but may be a hardware limitation and not fixable. 
3. Fast Mute/Unmute of Tracks on playback on device.

These last 4 are just more sound customization, and while more sounds would be welcome, the ability to customize in some way would be ideal.

4. Editable/Saveable controls for custom sounds in the app (filters, effects)

5. Loading custom sounds from other aps.  

6. Multiple sound banks for the same modes (eg two different bass sounds/octaves and the ability to switch between the two). This goes with the above custom sounds.

Anyway, thought I would throw my list out there in hopes some of this is still in your backlog. It's obvious you all have released a bunch of feature updates already just from watching old vids. 

I am selfishly hoping a few of these things are still coming. Regardless I am enjoying the device, and what you all have done at this price point is fantastic.  

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Thanks for the feedback! 

One of these should already be possible, if I'm understanding correctly. Right now, the maximum length of a loop you can make on Orba is 8 bars, but if you want it to be shorter than that, you can just press the center A button to end the loop earlier. 

Let me know if this helps 

Along with the Sequencer and Quantization (Which I cant believe it does not have already)  I would like to see the ability to set the loop length manually, even if it has to be done in the app, to be able to set a 4 or 8 bar loop would be great, you could add it to a sequencer, and maybe even add arpeggio? I would like to see this thing become a true mini groovebox! ;-) thats just my 2 cents

Just got mine 2 hours ago. Ordered December 10th. Like you I think Quantization would be nice abd I see it was asked many times so only time will tell if they add it. Was wondering if it's actually possible to export and process song in a program that would do it, I mean set notes that are not on beats, on beats?

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Hey Dan, thank you so much for your feedback. This is a great list. We've heard similar feedback from other Orba players as well. While we aren't able to speak about unreleased features, we are indeed working on improving Orba and the Orba app. Please keep the feedback coming and be sure to keep your Orba and app up to date, as you just might see some of these updates in the future. :)

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In regards to quantize a little mini sequencer in the app could also work. 

1. I also forgot some sound previews in the app would also be helpful before sending to the device. 

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