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Received the Orba, wont turn on after firmware update

The Orba arrived this morning, I was able to play with it for a bit before downloading the IOS app and being told to update the firmware. I did and after it completed the Orba will no longer turn on. 

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Addendum: I just went to watch tutorials via the desktop app, and when closing it unexpectedly quit. At least on my system, the Orba app has issues. 

Windows 10 Orba app. I received my yesterday. Played with it a bit then downloaded the Orba app. Attached the Orba via USB and opened the app. I was told to update the firmware. So I did. Now the Orba is not turning on and is not recognized by the Orba app. Now reading others have had a similar issue. I have a Mac at work and will try the iOS version tomorrow. Any help will be appreciated.

My ORBA is turn it dark too. Use Win10, try to update but failed with error. Then ORBA no response push any button. I want to know how to turn it back on.
You can force a reset by holding down the power and volume buttons at the same time for five seconds.

@Michael, I'm in the same situation. I don't have access to a Macintosh and I've tried every combination of plugging, re-plugging, resetting, charging, and manipulating Windows' firewall and anti-virus that has been mentioned here and a few that I thought of on my own. Nothing has worked. Like you I've fallen back to the position of "sit and wait and hope that the Artiphon guys come up with a solution in the near future."

I assume you'all tried getting Orba connected and firmware updated using your different usb ports? a 2.0? 3.0? powered? unpowered? looked for error messages within windows device manager pertaining to usb ports?  i know zero about apple stuff. I;ve seen poorly designed firmware updaters fail in some ports, but not in others, and in some machines but not in others.  I have an audio interface that is like that.

I have the same problem. Plugged it in to a Windows 10 machine, tried to update firmware and I how have a lovely black paper weight. I've tried everything in this forum (except a Mac - I don't have one) and nothing has worked. I submitted a ticket so, hopefully, there will be a resolution soon.

Seems like a common thread in the successful recoveries by Will and Gary above is that if you're on a Mac, do the firmware update before updating the desktop app to the newer version.  Think I'll uninstall it and roll back to the older one before my Orba arrives (soon, it's with my local carrier).

Arne, is there something different with the FW updater code in the new version of the desktop app that could be causing the issue? 

Try holding Vol- and Power until it powers down.. Then turn on regularly. Does it go back to the Blue lights pattern?

Hi - in case it helps I want to mention that I have windows10 and Norton 360 and Norton was stopping mine from updating. Once I told it to let the update happen it worked beautifully. Hope this helps. There is a picture of the screen from norton that I posted earlier when I was having troubles you can look up as well. Thank you!

Once it ran out of battery I was able to reset it :)

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